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About Teaching Practice

Practicum or Teaching Practice is the finale of the teacher education program to provide the opportunity for the students to apply their knowledge gained in real context of school.

Beginning the admission of Session 2008/2009, students will undergo practicum training on 7th Semester of study.

Among the matters that need to be known regarding teaching practice are:

  • Teaching Practice Guide Book
  • Teaching Practice Coordinator
  • Teaching Practice Placement 

Passing Grade

1.    Results of the 77th Meeting of the Senate No.4/2010 (8th June 2010)

Approved the proposal to increase the passing grade for Teaching Practice from grade of C+ to grade of B to all students beginning Semester 1 of Session 2010/2011. 

2.    Article of Academic Matters 2008 Amendment 2012 

3.6  Course Repeating 

3.6.3. For students who obtained Grade B- and below during the Practicum/Teaching Practice are required to repeat the Practicum/ Teaching Practice at least once.