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Teaching Practice Evaluation Criteria

The Teaching Practice evaluation includes three section, namely Section A (Preparation), Section B (Development) and Section C (Personality).

  • Section A – Preparation (25%)

Preparation is the planning of the Trainee Teacher before starting the process of teaching and learning. It covers the preparation of syllabi, annual lesson planning and writing daily lesson plans.

  • Section B - Development (65%) 
    • Beginning of the lesson.
    • Lesson development. 
    • The use of Higher Order of Thinking (HOTS) skills/ Creative and Critical Thinking Skills/ Language Skills/ Values/ Scientific Processing Skills.
    • Classroom/ Lab Management.
    • Communication/ Speech. 
    • Attainment of Objectives/ Lesson Outcomes.
    • Assessment 
    • Mastery of the Content of the Lesson. 
    • Student’s Participation. 
    • Use of the Teaching Aids. 
    • End of Lesson. 
    • Reflections on Teaching and Learning. 
  • Section C – Attitude and Personality (10%) 
    • Personal Appearance. 
      • The Trainee Teacher must be very confident in their appearance, has positive attitudes, friendly and humorous, and also able to create a pleasant impact, and is polite and courteous.
    • Professional Characteristics 
      • The Trainee Teacher must display positive characteristics and attitudes of being responsible, committed, dedicated and able to accept constructive criticisms from his/her Supervising Lecturer, Mentor Teacher and the school’s/ institution’s administration.
  • Co-curricular Activities in the Teaching Practicum Programme (5%)
    • The Trainee Teacher must get involved in co-curricular activities either in uniformed units or sports/games or clubs/associations and other institution’s activities.
    • The types of activities they are involved in must be stated in the LM2 form
    • The LM2 form must be submitted together with the LM1 form to the Supervising Lecturer.