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Aims and Objectives


  • Practicum Program is aimed to implement the practice of teaching and learning at schools in real situations. This program provides the chance for teacher trainees to approach and to study the real situation of teaching and learning before becoming a beginner teacher at schools.
  • This Practicum Program also provides the opportunity for trainee teachers to apply their knowledge gained over the years at UPSI and is part of their graduation requirements.To ensure that the practicum run smoothly and effectively, a systematic and effective mechanism has been planned by the administrators of the practicum, supervisors, mentors and school administrators in the form of an intelligent collaboration.
  • This Practicum Program also offers the teacher trainees the opportunity to practice the teaching and learning theories studied at UPSI. This is to ensure that the teacher trainees will become a quality teacher who is knowledgeable and competent in applying the principles of teaching in line with the National Education Philosophy and the Philosophy of Teacher Education which is:

“Teachers who have a good personal well-being, progressive and scientifically-oriented, ready to uphold the nation’s aspirations and preserve his/her cultural heritage, promises individual development and maintains a united, democratic, progressive and disciplined society”.


  • UPSI Practicum Program is aimed to provide the opportunity for teacher trainees to
  • Apply their skills in planning out their lesson plans and to conduct teaching;
  • Practice various approaches, methods, strategies and teaching and learning techniques;
  • Develop the teaching trainees learning by integrating the theories and practical in real situations;
  • Experience the environment of interactions with other members in the community especially in the school;
  • Build their skills, attitude, personality, self-confidence and increase their durability in practicing the values of professional teaching;
  • Improve their self-assessment as a work culture in the teaching profession;
  • Apply their skills in planning and conducting co-curricular activities for the students;
  • Increase their experience and skills to be applied in classrooms