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In the year 1997, the Centre for Teaching Practice and Industry was known as Unit Latihan Mengajar (ULM) and was led by Associate Professor Dr. Abd. Latif Bin Haji Gapor. Earlier, this unit was established as a special unit under the management of the Faculty of Cognitive Science and Human Development which is now known as Faculty of Education and Human Development. After several years being under the management of this faculty, the unit was transferred to the Centre of Educational Foundation and was placed under the direct monitoring of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and International) of that time. During that period, a number of academicians had been accounted to lead the Teaching Practice Unit and among them were Professor Dr. Sopia Bt Md Yassin, Associate Professor Dr. Bashah Bin Abu Bakar and Dr. Mohmad Noor Bin Mohmad Taib.

In accordance with the restructuring of the departments in UPSI in the year 2008, ULM was once again transferred and merged under the management of Centre for Quality Assurance which was also restructured to become the Division for Academic Development and Quality (BPAQ). ULM was placed under the Unit of Policy and Quality. The unit was renamed as the Teaching Practice and Industrial Network Unit (ULMJI) and led by Dr. Ikhsan Bin Othman as the Unit Leader. The Unit Leader was helped by an Assistant Registrar and two full time Administrative Assistants together with an Administrative Assistant from BPAQ.

In 2009, ULMJI was once again renamed as Teaching Practice and Industry Unit (ULMI). This unit was responsible for managing professional relationships with related industries like schools, educational institutes, public and private organizations to ensure the smooth implementation of the students’ practical training program.

Two year later, Dr. Ahmad Jazimin bin Jusoh was appointed as the new Unit Leader to replace Dr. Ikhsan Bin Othman. On March 2012, ULMI was upgraded to be a Centre known as the Centre for Teaching Practice and Industry (PULAMI) and operated at Level 3, Chancellery Building. Recently, PULAMI shifted to a new location, Ground Floor, Block 9, Sultan Azlan Shah Campus, Proton City. Associate Professor Dr. Nor’ashiqin Binti Mohd Idrus has been appointed as the new Director as of March 2016 to replace Professor Dr. Noor Shah Bin Hj. Saad.

PULAMI is currently led by a Director, two Deputy Directors, an Senior Assistant Registrar and is assisted by six Administrative Assistants. PULAMI has four units of which each has been specifically assigned to manage the Teaching Practice, Industrial Training, Administration and Secretarial, Financial and Asset/Inventory together with Data Management and Long distance Learning. 

PULAMI is determined to provide the best services for the satisfactory of our customers in accordance with the mission and vision of the university that is to become a unique university, based on excellence in educational leadership and to lead the glorious history of global transformation.