• Before Industrial Training.
    Before undergoing Industrial Training, students are required to: 
    • Undergo the industrial training briefing held by the faculty before the training begins. This briefing is intended to prepare the students with:
      • Formal communication technique (oral and written)
      • Work skills and ethics
      • Preparing the Industrial Training reports and special assignments. To register subjects for Industrial Training during pre-registration before semester begin by filling the prepared forms at respective faculty office.
    • Complete the personal detail form at the Office of the Industrial Training Coordinator.
      • Obtain the Teaching Practice Guide Book.
  • During the Industrial Training.
    During undergoing the industrial training, students are required to:
    • Complete and return the completed LI.01 Form (Reporting) to the Faculty within a week after the industrial training begun.
    • Complete the Weekly Note Report and send it along with the Final Report a week after the end of industrial training. Final Report is required to be in accordance with the format fixed by the faculty and must obtain the approval from the Industrial Supervisor. Failure to send the Weekly Note Report can affect the final result of the student.
  • After the Industrial Training.
    After undergoing industrial training, students are required to:
    • Complete and send the Weekly Note Report, Final Report and Special Assignment within one (1) week after the end of the Industrial Training to the office of the Supervising Lecturer. Weekly Note Report must be approved by the Industrial Supervisor before sending it to the Supervising Lecturer.
    • Remind the Industrial Supervisor to fill up LI.02 Form (Evaluation of Industrial Supervisor) and send it to Supervising Lecturer after the end of industrial training. Name, registration number and program of the student must be written on the envelope to ease detection.

Note: All students are fully responsible to ensure that their Weekly Note Report, Final Report, Special Assignment and LI.02 Form (Evaluation of Industrial Supervisor) reach the Office of the Supervising Lecturer (within one week after the end of industrial training). The faculty will not be giving any marks if these reports and form are not delivered to the Supervising Lecturer