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e-Penyeliaan (MyGuru2)

We are please to informed that Centre of Teaching Practice & Industrial Training in collaboration with e-Learning ICT Centre has developed e-Penyeliaan module for implementing a training program to teach on-line. Using E-Praktikum Teaching Practice System for Students Graduate Program Master of Distance Education as benchmarking, e-supervision system is based MyGuru2 platform allows teachers coach Uploading Form of Reporting, Daily Lesson Plan, Schedule & Go Jump. Users can also use the menu existing and Private Message Forum for discussion and communicate with supervisors. E-supervision system implemented starting July Session 2014/2015.

  1. User Manual.
  2. Important Note:

Please upload 'Borang Lapor Diri' that was approved by the Principal of each school in the "Reporting Form" section of e-Penyeliaan, MyGuru2.