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Duties and Responsibilities of Supervising Lecturer

The duties and responsibilities of supervising lecturer

  • Lecturers are required to attend the practicum briefing given by the Committee of Counselling Practicum.
  • To help and guide counsellor trainees to obtain information, build objectives and make planning regarding guidance and counselling activities.
  • Inform in written manner immediately if there are cases that requires special attention and prompt action of the Committee of the Teaching Practice Unit of the University through the practicum coordinator.
  • To supervise counsellor trainees through guidance, observation of the individual and group counselling session, and also through video recordings.
  • To conduct initial guidance and supervision on counsellor trainee between the third and the fifth week.
  • To conduct briefing sessions to the school principal and advisor counsellor as well.
  • Lecturers are required to provide a copy of scoring record for the counsellor trainee after supervision has been done.
  • Lecturers are required to coordinate the scores given by the advisor counselor and to fill in the entire internship scoring into the IMS system on the 16th.
  • Supervising lecturer is required to ensure that counselor trainees have sent their entire counselling internship report on the 17th week.