Criteria for appointment of Mentor;

  • Teachers with Professional Education qualification and has obtained post approval.
  • Mentor supervises Teacher Trainee based on his/her field of subject.
  • School administrator is encouraged to appoint teacher who teaches the subject at classes taken over by teacher trainee as mentor.
  • School administrator is also allowed to appoint Excellent Teachers/Head of Department/Chairman of the Committee in the field of the subject as Mentor.
  • Allowance claim can be made during the final week of Teaching Practice for the semester.
  • Mentor Information Form can be returned to the Centre for Teacher Practice and Industrial Training in a month time after the teaching practice begun, for record keeping.

Please take actions as follows:

  • Refer to “Mentor Appointment Letter” for the current semester that has been posted by PuLaMI to the school by the name of registered mentors.
  • Please access the “Mentor Portal” using the details that has been provided in the Mentor Appointment letter. This portal’s user manual is provided.
  • Please fill all the details required and please print the form through the link "Allowance for Mentor Form"
  • Get the signature of the Principal/Headmaster/Head of Department and the department’s official stamp.
  • Please include a clear and readable copy of banking account book cover.
  • Please include as well a copy of the “Mentor Appointment Letter” for the current semester.
  • Post the related forms and documents to:

Ground Floor, Block 9,
Sultan Azlan Shah Campus,
Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris,
35900 Tanjong Malim,
Perak, Malaysia.

(Attn: Mrs. Nurfauzun Bt Adam)