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Allowances Claim

According to the circular issued by the Ministry of Education Malaysia (Reference no.: PS (6.00)111-JD4 (SK 1/94)/ (2), Mentors for the Pre-service Teacher Training Course are eligible for special allowance.

 Rules that must be followed are as follows:

  • Education Service Officers (Graduates) who are appointed as the mentor are given special allowance of RM80 per month and RM60 per month for Education Service Officers (Non-graduates) for a period of teaching practice and if the service is less than a month, the allowance will be paid in proportional manner.
  • Education Service Officers appointed as mentors are required to guide 2 teacher trainees for the teaching practice period.
  • Additional tasks in giving the trainings are not counted for overtime work and the grant of this special allowance is effective as of 1.1.1996.
  • The process and procedure for making the claim on this allowance can be referred at the Menu of Teaching Practice.